Our in-house caterer can provide the catering for any type of event or conference. From a tasty sandwich lunch to an extensive buffet.

De Bijloke has a permanent caterer. Coeur Catering is a very experienced events caterer with a highly varied offering. From a sandwich lunch to a sumptuous dinner, they will take care of your event or package, will provide catering of the highest quality and are also familiar with the venue.

Coeur Catering has been making its mark on the catering world for more than twenty years now and is known for the enthusiasm it brings to the sector. In 2019, Coeur Catering was named the second best event caterer in the country. In recent years, the Ghent-based catering company has also consistently been rated one of the top five premium caterers in Belgium.

Sustainable catering

Sustainability – a large vegetarian selection, the use of seasonal foods where possible, fair trade or local products, the re-use of surpluses and a collaboration with Ghent Foodsavers – is a top priority. Wherever and whenever possible, Coeur Catering delivers and travels by bicycle or, where possible, with electric vehicles. Plastic is banned as much as possible.